SAPU and Tshwaragang Orphanage Home donates to orphaned family

Donations made to the orphaned family


Members of the South African Policing Union (SAPU) at Temba SAPS and Tshwaraganang Orphanage Home donated food to an orphaned family at Suurman yesterday. Members of the union contributed from their pockets to assist the family of four kids.

Constable Herman Moremi of Temba Saps said the family was identified by police members during their visits and discovered the family that has been orphaned since 2018. The eldest child is 28 and takes care of his brother and two sisters without any source of income.

Tshwaraganang Orphanage Home donated vegetables while SAPU members donated toiletries, food parcels and clothes including money for electricity.

The chairperson of the Union, Comrade Moumakoa, said they will not fold their arms until something bad happens to the kids. “it is better to attend to the situation before it is too late”.

He said members of the union are happy to make a different in other people’s lives to show that the police care about people’s lives.

He sent his gratitude and applauded members SAPU for their contribution to the family.