Jubilee hospital commits to quality services at open day

CEO of Jubilee District Hospital, Ms Damaria Magano adddressing members of the community

Jubilee District Hospital hosted an open day event, under the theme ‘Jubilee, our fountain of life’, for the community of Hammanskraal and its staff to address the Batho Pele principles its workers must follow when delivering service to the public.

Exhibitions at the open day to advice members of the community about services rendered at Jubilee Hospital

The aim of the open day was to inform and advise the community about the services rendered by the hospital and to clear misunderstandings hospital visitors may have on the services offered at the hospital. The community was urged to know the 12 patients’ rights charter, which plays an important role in receiving quality healthcare services.

“We need to keep in line with national and provincial mandates. November has been identified as a quality assurance month. We felt as management to have activities that will culminate with an open day,” CEO of Jubilee District Hospital, Ms Damaria Magano said.

Ms Magano also said the importance of the day was to remind staff and the community about the problems both patients and staff members encounter and how to go about fixing them.

Amongst the addressed issues was hygiene, shortage of medicine, administration of files and long waiting time. The hospital encouraged patients to lodge complains and to make suggestions, as well as to follow healthcare referrals such as starting at the clinic before coming to the hospital.

Members of the community welcomed the open day expressing their happiness

“I’m happy with the services of the hospital. They are friendly and they are able to explain to us when we ask questions. The services have improved as compared to the past,” Franscina Ngoma, a community member said.

Sister Sibiya, from Clinical Forensic Medical Services, which takes care of women and children, expressed her concern at the nature of abused women and children who come through the unit.

“Temba has been graded as a high crime area. Rape statistics submitted at the hospital show that we are number 56, and the 80% of rape cases are children. I’m pleading with the community to take care of children, the abuse we see every day is traumatizing,” she said.

The hospital has pleaded with its patients to help them render better services by practicing their constitutional rights and to demand better services, and to also help in uplifting the community of Temba by making better choices.