Heavy rains destroy old woman’s house

Water fill up the house damaging the family furniture

A 56 years old woman from Tladistad who stays with her son and three grandchildren is barely making ends meet. The recent heavy rainfalls in the past few weeks have left her and her kids literally sitting outside after the rain damaged her house and furniture.
Matlakala Monareng, said this always happens when it rains heavily, she tried to seek help from the local ward councillor, Morake Molefe, but he was of no use.

The disappointed mother went on to say that, “I am unemployed, I rely on the grants of my grandchildren and our councillor do not want to help us even though he saw our living conditions and how the rain damaged our house”.

On the 23rd of March 2018, the spokesperson of the ward councillor, Kamogelo Pitsoane, saw the appalling conditions of Miss Monareng’s house and they did not do anything to date. It is alleged that at first her house burned down but the government did not do anything, the community gave a helping hand. They helped her fix her house and the government did not do anything to help even though they were informed of her situation because she is indigent.

She says she lost her work in 2017 when her mother fell ill and she had to quit her work to help her ailing mother.

“The spokesperson of the councillor said we should vacate or ask the neighbour to at least remove a bit of her fencing wall to let the water pass through but he refused.

“I cannot move because I have to look after my mother”, said Matlakala Monareng.

“All I want is for the fencing wall to be built for us so that the water cannot come into our house, as I cannot afford to buy one for myself”, Miss Monareng said.

We tried to contact the office of the ward Councillor to respond to the allegations but there was no answer.