Stage 2 load-shedding affecting groups 1 to 8, 15 and 16


The power utility,  Eskom, has informed the City that today, February 11 2019, rotational load-shedding stage 2 is being implemented from 09h00 and is likely to continue until 21h30. The City’s residents are urged to prepare themselves for this interruption of electricity supply.

 Residents that fall within the following groups will be affected: 

Time Groups
09h00 to 11h30 Groups 15 and 3
11h00 to 13h30 Groups 16 and 4
13h00 to 15h30 Groups 1 and 5
15h00 to 17h30 Groups 2 and 6
17h00 to 19h30 Groups 3 and 7
19h00 to 21:30 Group 4 and 8


Our customers can view these schedules on our website: and customers who are directly supplied by Eskom can visit the power utility’s website:

The City of Tshwane apologies for the inconvenience that might arise as a result of this interruption.

All  electrical points should be treated as live at all times.