Ruffians victorious at the Hammanskraal Football Association

Young mighty Ruffians defeated FC Heroes at the Hammanskraal football Association league last Sunday.

Lucas Sithole, the coach of Ruffians said he was overwhelmed by the results of his team. “This win means a lot to me and my team, we are now one step closer to qualify for the upcoming league.

“I always make sure that both my teams get the best training. I monitor them to ensure that they do not disappoint me,” he added

France Shikwane, coach of FC Heroes said that he was not happy with the outcomes of his team.

“The reason why both my teams lost the games is because they do not communicate with each other in the field, their spirits were down, said Shikwane.

It is my duty as a coach to ensure that the mistake are fixed. This loose is an encouragement to me and my teams that we can add up more strategies when training,” he added.