Threats of Temba shutdown tomorrow

File photo of the previous Temba Shutdown


Angry residents of Hammanskraal has threatened to shutdown Hammanskraal tomorrow  in protest of poor service delivery from the City of Tshwane municipality.

In messages circulating the social media, the faceless conveners vowed to stop all public transport from operating tomorrow.

“There will be no transport operating as from 4am on the 11th April 2019 Thursday morning. No taxi,  car, bus, train, truck, bicycle, donkey or any sort of transport will be allowed on the streets,” stated the posters circulating.

The conveners also said residents should stay home as they will show no mercy to anyone who disobey the service delivery strike.

Residents were also warned to never try to go to school or work for their safety, to the displeasure of some of the social media groups who did not appreciate being threatened.