Hammanskraal ANCYL vows to fight any planned shutdown tomorrow

Photo from the last Thursday shutdown


The 15 April 2019 Hammanskraal shutdown announced through social media posters has been dismissed as opportunistic by the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) in Hammanskraal.

The ANCYL Hammanskraal Zone Convenor, Mr Fortune Mathabathe, in a statement issued together with the ANCYL Hammanskraal Zonal Coordinator, Mr Sello Sono, said the call for a shutdown tomorrow is an opportunistic attempt to create instability in Hammanskraal.

Mr Mathabathe and Mr Sono said residents should go about their daily routines as normal as the youth league will make sure that there are no road blocks tomorrow.

“All hospitals and clinics, all businesses around Hammanskraal must continue with their operations as usual. Children must wake up and report to school as usual.

“We also call upon all members of the ANC, Leagues and Alliance partners to flood the streets of Hammanskraal on Monday morning, 15 April 2019, in their ANC regalia and ensure that no roads are blocked, ensure that motorists are able to go to work and school without any disruptions.

“We also want to reassure residents that not even a single tyre will burn on the streets of Hammanskraal tomorrow and all residents across Hammanskraal should reject this desperate act of criminality and thuggery,” the two youth leaders said.

The two also said the residents of Hammanskraal have registered their grievances about the lack of service delivery from the DA/EFF administration in the City of Tshwane and also requested that both the Provincial and National Government should intervene particularly on the poor quality of water that is being supplied to the Hammanskraal area.

They Hammanskraal ANCYL also accused the EFF of the messages that have been circulating announcing the shutdown tomorrow and called on Amandebele a Moletlane Tribal council to come out and distance themselves from the messages that were circulated using their name.