With-Within Campaign addresses bullying at schools

Pic: Courtesy of Cyberbullying Research Center


Lethabo Khunou (23) from Hammanskraal is providing anti bullying workshops to learners at schools in Hammanskraal.

With the campaign branded With-Within, he has visited various local schools in Hammanskraal including Namo Primary school, Motjiebosane Primary and Molefe Mooke Primary school.

Lethabo said he started the initiative that he branded With-Within Anti-bullying campaign in October 2018 to teach and help pupils on how to overcome bullying in schools.

“With this campaign, our aim is to take part in anti-bullying and teach learners ways to cope with bullying at school, more especially in primary schools,” said Lethabo.

He said this campaign does not only focus on the victims but also the perpetrators of bullying.

Lethabo said he is fully aware that issues such as poverty, sexual and physical abuse at home lead to the victims being aggressive towards their peers. This also leads to the abused children teaching other children to change their behavior, self-esteem and how they relate to the world.

“We also want to reach out to parents and teach them about bullying because most of the time it starts at home,” he said.

Palesa Mojalefa, a local resident of Hammanskraal, said residents have seen several reports on bullying recently, but she is happy as a parent to see someone do something about it.

“This is what our children need, guidance and lessons about bullying,” said Ms Mojalefa.

At the moment, With-Within is not funded by any organization.

“We have tried to reach out to possible sponsors such as Love Life and Dove self-esteem and we hope they will come through to assist.

“We wish government can give this campaign a chance like they do with sports. If government could implement an hour once a week and teach children about bullying and its dangers, it will help a lot and might also increase performance at schools,” Lethabo said.