The Village youth Palace located at Ga-Mocheko in Dikebu, is a Non-Governmental Organization which was founded in 2015 with the aim of keeping young children out of the streets and also to give them opportunities to showcase their talents through drama, poetry, cultural dance, bujwa dance and singing.

The NGO also offers computer lessons and assist helpless youth with school projects.

Mr Meshack Lekgokong, the event organizer, said the organization was started to give young children opportunity to identify their talents and also to help the youth not to fall victims of drug and substance abuse.

The NGO however struggles with organizing uniforms, transport and catering for the group when traveling to perform.

“We also need financial help to build a hall so that we can facilitate our programs,” said Mr Lekgokong.

Sponsors who are willing to assist can contact: Mr LA Mokgotho (Founder) 073 000 9744 or Meshack Lekgokong(even organiser) 0780530126