Government Employee Pension Fund Hammanskraal Roadshow


The Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) will be hosting an educational and service delivery roadshow in Temba/Hammanskraal at 4418 Molefe Makinta Road Ebenezer Bible Church on Saturday, 30 November 2019 from 07H00 – 16H00.

GPAA Head of Communication, Mr Mack Lewele, said the roadshow forms part of the Fund’s national education campaign, targeting all GEPF members, pensioners and beneficiaries.

“The primary purpose of the roadshow is to bring services to the people and to educate members, pensioners and beneficiaries about the services the Fund renders. It also provides a platform for interacting with GEPF clients who share important information about their experiences with the Fund,” he said.

Mr Lewele said one of the challenges the Fund has to contend with includes members who are duped by scammers and brokers.

“They pretend to be GEPF employees and offer to fast track the process of making a claim and request a service fee from unsuspecting members when the GEPF’s services are free.

The GEPF is the largest Pension Fund in Africa with over 1.2 million active members and 450 000 pensioners and beneficiaries. It is a defined benefit which means that payment of funds is not subject to the performance of the market. The Fund is responsible for more than R1.8 trillion in assets under its management.