Mathibestad Masters wins the soccer tournament with a penalty shootout

Netball teams Ramaphosa won by nine goals against Juvenile

Matsweding ya Bahwaduba hosted a top four soccer and netball tournament from 10:00 am to 17:00pm sponsored by Mpho Hair Salon and Entertainment Centre on 15 February 2020.

For soccer the four teams were Juventus FC, Victors FC, Celtic FC and Mathibestad Masters FC. The first match was between Juventus FC and Victors FC. After both teams scored 5-5 goals, Juventus managed to win by a penalty shootout.

The second match was between Mathibestad Masters which also won by a penalty shootout against Celtic fc after both teams scored 4 goals.

For the netball, Team Ramaphosa won by nine goals against Juvenile which scored eight goals.

The sponsor and organizer of the tournament, Mr Mpho Mothiba, said he sponsored the tournament because he believes the players are talented and lack support and proper materials to play soccer and netball.

“This could be a great start for them to have their talent recognized,” he said.