Police Sunday Celebration at Roman Catholic Church

Captain Sarah Lesabane with the leadership of the church

Temba SAPS together with Justice and Peace, Father Moatshe and the congregation joined hands in a prayer service at the Roman Catholic Church in Temba.

Captain Sarah Lesabane of Corporate Communications SAPS Temba said the messages at the service centered on hope and the police choosing to be law enforcers and that it is their call of duty to serve no matter what the risk in a crises great or small.

“The police pledged to stand by the community praying for their safety back home and to stand by their side spiritually and in battle.

“The police encouraged the community to be involved in crime awareness and sensitized the congregation on common assault emanating from domestic violence, murder, carjacking and house robberies,” Captain Lesabane said.

She said the congregation was asked to be the eyes and ears to help in fighting crime and that it can be done together in prayer.

Members of the congregation