NGO helps people find their passion

Mr Sweatz at the school invasion at Makgetse

Tebogo Sweatz is a young leader born and bred in Hammanskraal who is currently a Life Coach and Transformational Speaker under his NGO, Young Minds Konnect. The purpose of establishing the NGO was to help young people and individuals who are struggling with finding their purpose and passions.

Mr Sweatz said his NGO works mainly with providing life coaching and mentorship services to individuals from different fields.

Part of his NGO’s objectives is to offer assistance to other NGOs, businesses and institutions with life coaching and personal development.

“We also have a program for students which provides free mentorship and also outsources tutors for students,” he said

Young minds Konnect was established in 2015 and grew when he formed a team in 2017.

The program they specialize in is the Life Transformation Mentorship Program which is a program offering life coaching and personal development mentorship for free.

Another one of their programs is the Leadership Initiative which is a program they have established for training leaders of different organizations and projects.

They also have a project, the Life Transformation School Invasion Program, that helps them to reach out to students in their schools.

Mr Sweatz also added, ” Our biggest challenge is normalizing and creating a system of mentorship in a society where people believe in luck and connections rather than intentional work, willingness and commitment.”

They are currently in partnership with Dream Alive Africa Impact.