Superstars Soccer Academy back in full training


The Superstars Soccer Academy is back in training after suffering a few setback and hope that what they do during the week on the training ground will apply in matches.

Coach Shadrack Modube of Superstars, said they played a few games including one in Maubane against Maubane United where they won 1-0 and thereafter played again in top eight in Unit 5 where Superstar was knocked out in the semifinals.

“In the first game we beat Dream Team 2-1 and in the semifinals we lost 3-0 though the score line is not a true reflection of the game.

“The opponents had a great 20 minutes to score goals and we missed eight clear chances to come back to the game. It is true what they say that when is not your day, it is not your day because we had the ball possession but we lost the game,” he said.

He said the opponents took their chances and their experience at the end of the day paid off.

“We cannot complain as in the technical team there are more positives in our game since we are back to full training. We know that what we do during the week we should apply on match days.

“We will be introducing youngsters in every game for the Under 17 players playing with seniors in the senior tournaments,” Coach Modube said.