Dirtig woman writes a book for mothers

Popi Tefo, author of a book for mothers

Young author, model, singer and actress, Ms Popi Tefo (24), from Dirtig in Hammanskraal has written a book that appreciates mothers titled “I love you mom”.

The book took her a year and a half to complete and she says the reason she wrote the book about mothers’ love is because of the inspiration from her mother.

“The stories I hear about mothers from individuals made me realize the power of a woman and the contribution that mothers make in our lives.

“This is a gift book to all mothers of all ages from their children,” said Ms Tefo.

She said mothers need to know that they are appreciated because it is rare that they are told how much they are appreciated.

“My mom is one of the strongest women that I know and she has been through a lot of challenges but she is my pillar.

“I also appreciate all the mothers who could not make it to this day, but have left a mark of love to their children including mothers who are there for the orphans,” said Ms Tefo.