Local lawyer offers assistance to the families of the three boys that drowned at Tambo Extension 1


A local Hammanskraal lawyer has offered to help the families of the three boys who drowned in a stormwater trench in Tambo Extension 1 late yesterday afternoon.

The lawyer, Mr Simon Tlhatlha, said he will offer his services to assist the families of the three boys with the legalities of the matter and if needs be, for the families to be compensated.

While the investigation into the matter is ongoing, engagements with the local community indicate that the storm on Friday blew some barricades into the site which the young boys used to swim and play within the trench.

The City of Tshwane in a statement said last night MMC Dikeledi Selowa met with senior officials in the Roads and Transport Department, the Regional Executive Director, the site project manager, and the contractor.

The spokesperson of the City, Mr Jordan Griffiths, said by this morning the site engineer, safety officers, and the contractor have been summoned and the Tshwane Metro Police Department have been tasked to patrol and secure the site.

“The political leadership in the city will also spend the morning visiting the families to offer our sympathies and condolences.

“The deaths of these young boys is a tragedy beyond measure. It is a devastating loss to the families, the community of Hammanskraal, and the whole of Tshwane,” Mr Griffiths said.

MMC Selowa said, “I ask that all residents of the city take a moment today to offer their thoughts and prayers for the departed souls of these young boys and their families.

“Upon receiving the news, I was immediately deployed to the site to engage with emergency personnel, the police, and the local community. Tshwane mourns for them. May their souls rest in peace,” she said.

Mr Tlhatlha said the families can contact him at +27 84 606 7736.