Hammanskraal based group Moya wa Africa release a single

The unique musical group, Moya Wa Africa.

Moya wa Africa, a Hammanskraal based band released a single called “hlala” Ft Decency recently. The band is a unique afro house music band consisting of 4 Members, Danzo Kingman (vocalist), Cocoman (vocalist), Java (DJ/Producer) and Tobetsa wa Meropa (Percussionist/Drummers).

In late 2015, while working with Uhuru’s Xempilo, they decided to form a unit, Moya Wa Africa, Inspired by the likes of Uhuru, Black Motion, African Roots, and The Muffin.

Their partnership quickly began to yield fruits after the release of their first single “Ungakhathali” which made waves in local radio stations. They started working with Trademark, DJ Mlungu, Trompies DJ Fortee , Toshi and Rhythmic Elements.

The Group says releasing their music and being able to share it with people around the country is a dream come true given the lack of opportunities in black youth villages and townships.

Java, the producer, said their music is inspired by various people’s experiences, cultures, places, and life experiences.

“Saka means to get down, it’s a dance move that we make when we dance – we get down. “As South Africans, we typically find a reason to get together and have a good time. Most gatherings would not end without having a few people standing up to a beat or a song and start getting down, whether it is a party, a wedding, or any celebration” he said.

Java said as South Africans, we always find a good song to get down to.

“It was very difficult releasing songs during the pandemic, we could not have a proper launch due to covid19 restrictions, we had to use technology to market our music even though there were financial limitations here and there, it paid off. We realized that “no pain, no gain” he said.

Java mentioned that in years to come, they aspire to travel Africa and the world and for our music to be known worldwide. We wish to start a record label and help all the other upcoming musicians.

“We have another single coming called “Katalina” this year,” he said.

The band has been nominated for the 012 Awards again, last year it was the best group and they came out top 3, this year is the best mixtape, they recently made their debut TV interview and performance at Mzansi Insider, and their music is on Channel O, single called “Saka”.