Hammanskraal Sports Academy to play against Junior Kings

Mr Gontse Shirinde (right) Assistant Coach Simon Mook (left) and Coach Mandla from Orlando Pirates MDC

Hammanskraal Sports Academy (VL Stars FC) will play against the Junior Kings on the 30th of May 2021 in Rockville Temba, after playing nine matches and winning all of them.

The Chairman of Hammanskraal Sports Academy Gontse Shirinde said the biggest match played was against the Orlando Pirates MDC side, which gave them a lifetime experience.

Our aim is to extend the gap as we are number one in the stream and after winning all the nine games, we are left with only five games and we hope to do even better,” he said.

Mr. Shirinde said, “Hammanskraal Sports Academy is an organization that is focusing more on sports but at the moment we only have soccer, we want to develop good players that will be able to represent us anywhere and try to change the entire Hammanskraal to be recognized everywhere.

“We hope to get more people in this organization who will help us to grow this brand cause financially we are trying,” he said

“What inspired me was the talent that we have in Hammanskraal so I thought let me do something that is going to help everyone who is passionate about football.

“In the coming years we want the team to compete at high leagues and produce good players to professional teams,” he said.