Hammanskraal artist releases Amapiano album

The talented Paballo 'Pablo' Makgakge

Paballo Makgakgi (18) also known as PabloSA from Hammanskraal has released her own Amapiano Album. She said as an upcoming artist, financing her own has been difficult and she would like to assist other artists when she is successful.

She started singing in a Sunday School Church Choir in school choirs where she also sang some solo performances and only got to sing in a studio last April in the project to release her album, “Controversy of heart”.

“My love for music has always been my inspiration, I grew up in a music-loving family and none of them took their gift seriously so I decide to take the first lead,” said Ms Makgakge.

“I believe I am flexible in music but soulful Amapiano is my first love, it gives me the platform to actually showcase my voice and most importantly my feelings. I also believe it allows me to lift up people’s moods.

“Exploring with my writing skills is the best thing I’ve ever done, I write my music which allows me to connect with the audience, I can adjust to any mood,” added Ms Makgakge.

For now, she’s working with any producer but wishes to be under no record label, she believes that she can be a brand on her own as PabloSA. It is her dream to one day work with the king of Amapiano, Kabza de Small.