Hammanskraal local Dj planning to release his EP in 2022

Thabang Twinny T Masango

The 24-year-old Mr Thabang Masango is a local soulful house DJ from New Eesterus in Hammanskraal who plans to release his first music EP in 2022.

The EP called Thoughtfulness will have three tracks which he says will be an opportunity for a tour to promote his music and bless the country with his talent.

“Soulful house is meant to convey strong emotions and has typically deep meaningful lyrics but as a Dj, it is sometimes difficult to make people understand this type of genre.

“I want to help people understand and love the type of music I make and I believe it will help me heal wounded hearts when people connect to the lyrics,” he said.

His uncle’s consistency and love for music have been an inspiration for Mr Masango to become more determined to do more music.