Kofifi movement getting popular beyond Hammanskraal

Ms Maureen Maseko, Ms Pricilla Talakgale, Ms Evelyn Matli and Ms Bonolo Morake from Johannesburg enjoy themselves at the Kofifi event in Hammanskraal

The Kofifi movement that is more popular for its vintage style and flare was organised this past Saturday night 03 March 2018 at the Carousel Sun International Casino.

This time around the event did not only attract people of Hammanskraal but people as far as Soweto and Alexandra where the real descendants of Sophiatown come from.

The vintage Kofifi movement continues to celebrate the golden 60s when the emerging black middle class in Johannesburg was moved to Sophiatown as part of the segregation laws.

The event seeks to honour black parents who were oppressed by the old regime by taking the imagination of the new generation back to those times.

Ms Gugulethu Ngubeni, the events manager, said they are planning to take the Kofifi movement to people around Gauteng province and other provinces.

She urged people to continue supporting the Kofifi movement as it will help nurture the culture of black people.

“It is important to attend this event because it takes our minds back, to the music, the vibe, the attire and the atmosphere of the olden days, it is simply beautiful.”

Before the event got underway, women and men took the opportunity to take pictures with vintage cars displayed at the event entrance. Old school music was the order of the night and women in their gorgeous vintage regalia danced to old school music demonstrating how it used to be done in the olden days.

Ms Pricilla Talakgale from Alexandra said she drove all the way from Johannesburg with her friends that are from Soweto to remind themselves of their youth days under apartheid days.

“We used to have fun at taverns like we are doing here tonight. The music reminds  us of our youth days, life was good in those days,”

“I want this event to grow and for it to become bigger, they need to come to us, it must not only be about Hammanskraal. They must tour the county so that the world can see how black people in South Africa used to have fun under the difficult apartheid years,” she said.

The organisers of the event took the opportunity to thank all who came to support them and they are looking forward to seeing them at the next Kofifi movement that will be organised on the 11th August 2018.