One suspect arrested for business robbery, three still at large


A 24 year old man was arrested this morning at around 05:30 few minutes after committing business robbery at Temba Unit 2 and Unit D.

Constable Herman Moremi of Temba Saps, said  the first incident happened at around 00:00 at Temba unit 2 where four suspects entered the shop through the roof and pointed the victims with firearm and took cash, cigarettes, two pairs of shoes and cellphone.

He said the same suspects proceeded to Unit D where they entered the shop through the roof after removing the corrugated iron.

“One of them pointed the victims with a firearm and threatened shoot them if they do not open the store room. One of the victims pressed a panic button to alert security and who informed the police immediately,” Constable Moremi said.

He said when the police arrived at the scene, the suspects had already made off with cash, cigarettes and airtime.

The police managed to get description and direction used by the suspects and they managed to arrest one man who was still on the run.

The man was found in possession of a cellphone that was robbed at the first shop. The victim was called to come and unlock the cellphone and indeed he entered the pin and it was unlocked.

Three suspects are still at large and police are still searching for them.

The arrested suspect will appear at Moretele magistrate court in due cause facing charges of business robbery.