Kekana Garden youth celebrate Youth Day

Kekana Garden Youth hosted a soccer tournament to celebrate youth day on the 16th of June


The ANC ward 73 youth league in Kekana Garden  joined forces to celebrate youth day by hosting political debates and soccer tournaments at ST Camillus Catholic primary school sport ground yesterday.

Every year in South Africa, youth Day is celebrated  on the 16th of June to commemorate the lives of the youth that had fought for freedom during the apratheid government. This were the brave youth that had fought for their dreams to come true.

Mr Lucas Ndaba(25), spokesperson of the ANC Youth League in Ward 73 said “16 june is the day where thosands of young people across our country rised against the oppressive system of the apartheid government. They wanted quality of education and to do away with Afrikaans as the medium language of instruction.

“We embarked on a tournament in order to honour those fallen heroes who fought so hard for justice in our beloved contry and equality. This is the day that must be honoured as more blood was shed and many lives were lost for the emancipation of a black child,” he said.

A number of 12 teams participated in the tournament which were eight teams of netball and four of  soccer and prices were rewarded to the winners. Cosmos was awarded gold medal, trophy, and a soccer ball. Peace masters recieved silver medal and  a soccer ball, Golden girls recieved gold medal, a ball, and a trophy. Jet settlers recieved silver medal, soccer and a Trophy.

Mr Ndaba also encourages youth of Today to stand up and fight for their dreams.

“As the youth of today we must stand together and unite and speak with one voice in order to tackle challenges that face us such as youth unemployment, drug abuse, crime, and also make education fashionable in order to come up with new ideas to liberate ourselves from poverty.

“We are also making a clarion call to employment sectors to prioritize young people when there are post and also in senior positions hence the issue of experience as an entry level has been scraped by the government,” he added.