Two men burnt beyond recognition in mob justice incident

The Hyundai i10 that was allegedly burnt with two victims of mob justice


Two men were burnt beyond recognition in Mmotla village by members of the community in an alleged mob justice incident which occurred yesterday at about 12:45.

Captain Samuel Sebola of SAPS Tshwane District Corporate Communications, said the event happened after Temba police attended a scene of mob Justice at The Zone restaurant in Mmotla where they found five males whose legs were tied and were being assaulted by a group of the community members.

The police met with the owner of the place who alleged that he received a tipoff from his informer that he was going to get robbed today after he had received money from his social club. He was also given the description of the suspects who were going to rob him and after receiving the information, he organized boys who came to his place and while there, he saw one person who fitted the description of one of the alleged suspects.

The owner called the male to his place and arranged a bakkie to go collect the other four alleged suspects. On their arrival, the owner and his boys started assaulting the five males.

Police at the mob justice incident in Mmotla

“Police pleaded with him to stop the assault and even arranged an ambulance but before it could arrive, a large number of the community arrived at the scene and took two of the males, put them in the boot of a silver Hyundai i10 which they alleged was driven by one of the males.

“They poured petrol on the vehicle and set it alight which resulted with the vehicle and the two males being burnt beyond recognition,” Captain Sebola said.

He said the police there were only two police officers at the scene who managed to rescue and escape with the remaining three of the assaulted males and rushed them to Jubilee Hospital.

No one was arrested, however, Temba police are investigating two cases of murder.