Missing woman found dead, ex-boyfriend hangs himself

Ms Granny Lerato Mabunda found dead dumped in Rooiwal

The ex-boyfriend of the missing 23- year old woman, Ms Granny Lerato Mabunda,  has hanged himself after being released from custody.

This follows Ms Mabunda found murdered and dumped at Rooiwal.

Moretele Times reported yesterday that Ms Mabunda was last seen on 28 August 2020 allegedly with her ex-boyfriend at Hammanskraal Spar.

According to the cousin to Ms Mubunda, during the investigation of the disappearance of Ms Mabund, the police placed the ex-boyfriend under custody and upon his release, the ex-boyfriend allegedly hanged himself.

Mr Maimane said the police officer who found Ms Mabunda lifeless body at Roowal, saw the story of her disappearance published yesterday in Moretele Times online and was able to locate the family.

Mr Maimane said the family has been saddened by the alleged murder of Ms Mabunda and that the ex-boyfriend remains the lead suspect in her alleged murder.

“What this tells us is that we need to educate our men how to become better men, how to open up emotionally, not bottle things up, and to accept when things have changed.

“We must also educate the girl child that if things are no longer working out, learn to walk away and communicate dissatisfactions positively,” he said.

In a comment to Moretele Times yesterday, Sergeant Herman Moremi of Corporate Communications SAPS TEMBA, said the police searched the bushes with the dog units where the ex-boyfriend alleged that his car got stuck, and they found nothing.

On Tuesday 01 September 2020, the local Pretoria Rekord newspaper reported that the identity of a middle-aged woman, whose bloodied body was found in bushes near Rooiwal in the north of Pretoria over the weekend, has yet to be released.

The newspaper reported that on Sunday, the body was discovered near an illegal dumping site by a local herdsman who contacted the CPF. Local authorities, including police, local firefighter volunteers and the Pretoria north sector 4 CPF, were called to the scene.

Pretoria north police spokesperson Captain Matthews Nkoadi confirmed they are investigating a case of murder.

In the report, Captain Nkoadi said the victim suffered from head injuries and she was dressed in a brown top and black jeans.

The clothes match those described by the family of Ms Mabunda when she was last seen.

This is a developing story…