Twina Twaa Market provides platform for Hammanskraal small business


A local entrepreneur, Mr Oria Madise, has started the Hammanskraal Open Market, called Tswina Twaa Market which aims to provide a platform for small businesses to showcase their services and products.

After his first market recently, he urges more people to participate with the idea of encouraging small businesses to reach out to potential clients and to provide a networking space for entrepreneurs. The event aims to promote new businesses and brands by creating a platform to exhibit their products.

“This platform helps business people to uplift one another and to grow each other’s businesses. It is planned to be hosted in restaurants and parks where there are no restrictions for walk-ins for families,” he said.

He said he hopes big brands and big businesses could join Tswina Twaa Market to share the platform with new local brands so they can be motivated and encouraged to support the idea of support and buy local’ initiative.

The event will be held every three or four months in Themba. Participants are advised to bring their own tables for display, for any inquiries they can contact Mr Madisa on 071 216 3927.