Hammanskraal Tennis Club players awarded sports bursaries

Tshepang Maisela (second from left) with family members at OR TAMBO Airport

Two players from the Hammanskraal Tennis Club (HCT), Oratile Ngobeni and Tshepang  Maisela have been awarded sports bursaries Oratile Ngobeni by the Pretoria Boys High School while Tshepang Maisela by Anthony Harris Tennis Academy, Match foundation

Founder and Coach of HTC, Mr Simon Tlhatlha, said this is after the club won the Gauteng Sports Awards 2021, the Community Sports Award and the Recreation Program of the Year Award that various institutions started to show interest in the club.

The Anthony Harris Tennis Academy, a highly ranked Academy in the country, contacted HTC to find out more about the club and offered to help after they were impressed with what HTC is doing. The Academy requested that HTC provide them with the profiles of the best player.

Top of the list was Tshepang Maisela, who is one of the highly ranked players in the country and a member of the Tennis South Africa (TSA) junior squad. After he passed various stages of assessments, he was offered a scholarship.

Similarly, Oratile Ngobeni impressed most of the coaches at various tournaments with his outstanding performance, particularly at the Provincial and National finals of Schools tournaments, BNP Rising Stars and he was also offered a bursary by the Pretoria Boys High School.

“As a club, we make sure that we enter our players in a number of tournaments to get more court experience. Our players are exposed to teachers from other schools during these tournaments. In most cases, teachers from other schools find it hard to believe that HTC produces such quality players with only two courts,” said Mr Tlhathla.

Tshepang Maisela is a Grade 9 student and is ranked number 29 in the country, boys under 14 combined. He is the only child of Mr Sarnia Maisela, who also assists at the HTC games as a general worker. They stay with his grandmother, a retired pensioner who was an educator.

“We are excited about the opportunity given to Tshepang and we are grateful to the club for the positive influence it has on shaping his future,” said Tshepang’s mother.

Oratile Ngobeni is in Grade 8 and is ranked 54 in the country, Boys under 14 combined. He stays with his great-grandmother who is a pensioner having been left under her care by her mother when he was a baby.

“I am so overwhelmed with joy, HTC has actually filled the void left by Oratile’s parents,” said Oratiles great-grandmother.

The awarding of the scholarship and bursary to the two players has also motivated the HTC players as they see the future in playing tennis and other sports.

“They are so motivated to do more, the mood has changed from playing best to pushing to be exceptional. The spirit is high and they are all looking forward to doing great in 2022.

“We are also proud to see the rewards of our efforts because we have worked hard over the years with limited resources and we thank the Anthony Harris Tennis Academy and the Pretoria Boys High for offering the boys these opportunities.

“The boys have done us proud with these milestones and they are now role models to other young players.

“In general, HTC is happy about the results of all the players for 2021 and we are already back on the drawing board shaping the future of our children and our country,” said Mr Tlhatlha.