Hammanskraal Art and Cultural Forum Host a Youth Day event

Students of The Greater Hammanskraal Art and Cultural Forum performing on 16 June 2022 Youth Day

The Greater Hammanskraal Art and Cultural Forum hosted a June 16 Youth Day event at the Hammanskraal Art and Cultural Center where the youth participated in artistic programs that included acting, dancing and singing.

Mr David Tshanga, the chairperson of The Greater Hammanskraal Art and Cultural Forum said the Hammanskraal Art Center was officially opened on June 16 in remembrance of the young people who gave their lives during the apartheid era.

“We chose to host this event because we are best at creating art and we invited seniors to come to watch performances of traditional dance, poetry readings, motivational speakers and drama. Hammanskraal elders who are familiar with the history of Hammanskraal shared their knowledge with the youth.

“There was also a walk from the Temba Post Office to the Hammanskraal Art Center attended by more than the expected 100 people. Students also attended the event and said they wish the event could take place on a weekly basis as they enjoyed themselves,” he said.

Mr Matlotleng Matisha, secretary of The Greater Hammanskraal Art and Cultural Forum said the organization brings together representatives from several art organizations to ensure that all of the local artists in Hammanskraal are included in the June 16 event.

“The students are provided with the required equipment to perform and we visit other art organizations in Hammanskraal to find out what they require, what challenges they are facing, and how we can support them achieve their goals as local artists.

“The parents of the artists are also happy with the success we are making and appreciate our efforts, particularly with our recent June 16 event,” he said.

Mr Thabang Tlou, the Public Relations Officer of The Greater Hammanskraal Art and Cultural Forum said the bad practice of celebrating June 16 in bars, gatherings, and clubbing is prevalent in townships and this is what the Forum is attempting to change.

“We want to promote a new concept to this younger generation by encouraging them to observe June 16 in a respectful and revered manner. So far the youth and the parents are proud of what has been accomplished in the neighbourhood.

“We also invite churches to the event which helps bring peaceful celebrations when elders and churchgoers are present,” he said.

Mr France Mabunda who is the advisor and guide to the forum said he is involved in the Forum because of his love for art and culture.

He said he is thankful for having the passion to work and develop the youth and that he was happy to hear a lot of people expressing their appreciation of the June 16 event.

“I am also happy with the young men who are leading the project because they love what they are doing and I will continue to offer my services to teach, not to instruct them so that I can help them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

“So far we have overcome most of the challenges and we are continuing to be successful and we want everyone to know that they are welcome at our forum,” Mr Mabunda said.

He thanked Mr Andres Maladji who is working with the Forum for healing them to overcome most of their challenges.

The Greater Hammanskraal Art and Cultural Forum is open to partnerships with funders and sponsors who want to be part of youth development into future leaders and for a better and prosperous society.

The Forum can be reached on their business Facebook page “Hammanskraal Art and Cultural Forum.