Temba School Ambassadors Donate school uniforms to Hammanskraal Schools

Woman of Prayers from Church of God and Saint of Christ carrying some of the school jerseys that will be donated to Kudube Primary School. Second from left is Ms Sana Mokhele of the Temba School Ambassadors

The Temba Schools Ambassadors organization donated school supplies and uniforms to schools in the community of Temba. This organization has so far supported Ramotse Primary School, Lefofa Primary School, Mokanyama Primary School, and Kekana Primary School.

Mr Tony Nyatlo, of Temba Schools Ambassadors, said together with the other two members, Ms Kgadi Boikanyo and Ms Sanah Mokhele, are drawn together by a common purpose of making a difference in local schools.

Ms Malebo Kutumela principal of Kekana Primary School Preparing school jerseys donated by Temba Schools Ambassadors

“Our focus is on the School Shoe Drive, Warm Bodies School Jerseys Project, and Sanitary Pads distribution project. The shoe drive saw us donating 60 new pairs of shoes to Lefofa Primary School and Itireleng Primary School. With the Warm Bodies School Jerseys Project, we donated 64 jerseys to Kekana Primary School on the 1 June and 24 jerseys and 10 pairs of shoes were donated to Kudube Primary School on 23 June 2022.

“The sanitary pads project is also ongoing and we will be placing boxes in all churches and we humbly request congregants to donate sanitary pads every Saturday and Sunday. Once the boxes are full we will take them to the identified school,” he said.

Members of Saint of God and Saint of Christ church delivering School shoes at Lefofa Primary School

He said the organisation appreciates the financial support from like-minded friends, business associates and colleagues.

“Without their support, we would not be able to pull off all of these projects, particularly during the trying financial times. We intend to register this initiative as an NGO by the end of August 2022 for accountability and transparency,” he said.

Ms Malebo Kutumela, Principal of Kekana Primary School said the school appreciates the Temba Schools Ambassadors initiative.

“Children need warm clothes during winter and we are grateful for the initiative of the  Temba Schools Ambassadors for considering our students during the cold winter,” she said.

Mr Thabo Manne, Principal of Lefofa Primary School said the staff of Lefofa Primary School, and the SGB are also grateful for the kind and heartwarming gesture in a form of a donation of school shoes for the needy learners.

“The parents of the learners are also humbled and overwhelmed by the generosity and consideration,” he said.