Hammanskraal day care centres come together in sports

: Day Care Centre competitors awarded medals for top positions

Day care centers in Hammanskraal has initiated a campaign called Woman On a Mission with the aim to introduce young children from the ages of 2-5 into sport. The campaign started last year in June and hopes to continue the following years.

The thirty five day care centers  pupils competed in relay, sack race and marathon.  Only 10 Day care centers managed to win prizes ranging from medals, squeeze bottles, key holders and bag packs. The children’s competition was sponsored by Hammanskraal Farmart Furniture Store.

Ms Onicca Mahlabela, the founder of Women On a Mission said the vision and mission of their campaign is to create unity amongst all the day care centers in Hammanskraal.

“We are very happy to be the first organization in Hammanskraal to come up with such with this grand idea for our children.  This initiative is very important for our society in the sense that our children can meet each other from different background and enjoy sports.

“We will continue engaging other creches who were not part of the competition to join us in our next children’s games,” said Ms Mahlabela.

She also urged businesses to sponsor the campaign by donating sports gears, whistle, balls, and anything that can be used to motivate the children in sport.

Caption: photo 1: Young competitors awarded medals for top positions.

Photo 2 : .

Photo 3: Young children introduced into sport at a very young age.