Athletes hope for business support

The team after obtaining first position a marathon hosted by Hammanskraal Sports Development Project

Team awarded for top positions

Samuel Mashishi, an athletic coach in Hammanskraal and his team obtained first position in a 4+ km marathon hosted by Hammanskraal Sports Development Project that took place at Marokolong Primary on Saturday 04 May 2019.

The young athletes were rewarded with a trophy and Gold medals for being the first participants to reach the destination of the marathon.

The marathon was initiated last year with the aim  to bring people together and most importantly to inspire  children,  taking them off the streets and also to encourage them to acknowledge marathon as most important sport  to keep healthy.

Mr Mashishi said he started the team of athletics with four children and saw potential in them and decided to go extra mile with them since 2017 and to date he has managed to recruit 28 children who are interested in being in the team.

“The support that we get from parents is also amazing, they come to support us by cheering up every time we participate in a marathon,” he said.

Ephraim Lamola, the sports organizer of Hammanskraal sport development project said the main aim of these marathon is to uplift the communities of Hammanskraal as a whole by means of giving back to the community.

“We sponsored both events that we held ourselves and we are hoping that with our next events there will be sponsors who might be willing to partner with us on this community building activities,” Mr Lamola said.