EPWP members find lifeless fetus at Kanana dump site

Plastics used to wrap the fetus found at Kekana dumpsite


A case of concealment of birth has been opened after Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP) members found a lifeless fetus at a dumpsite in Hammanskraal.

Sgt Margareth Molane of Hammanskraaal SAPS said the EPWP were busy with their daily work at about 8:30 at Kanana Ext 2 dumping site when they made the gruesome discovery.

She said one of the members of the EPWP noticed plastic bags wrapped in a strange fashion and picked them up and was greeted by a stench coming from those bags.

“She opened them and found a lifeless body of the fetus inside and called her colleagues, and subsequently the police were also called to the scene.

Investigations are continuing and community members are urged to come forward with information that can assist in solving the matter.