More votes required for Simon Tlhatlha Sport Fan of the Year Award

Vote for Mr Simon Tlhatlha by sending the word "maimane" by SMS to 32715


The Chairperson of Development, Gauteng North Tennis Association, Mr Simon Maimane Tlhatlha, has been nominated finalist for the Sports Fan of the Year Award at the Gauteng Department of Sport and Recreation which carries a financial reward that he has pledged to donate to the development programs in Gauteng North.

The handing of the prizes will take place on the 29th of September at the Convention Center in Sandton.

Mr Tlhahla said he is very excited about the nomination and feel much honored to have been shortlisted as one of the finalists.

“In my capacity as a Chairperson of Development Committee, Gauteng North Tennis Association, I lobbied for assistance and support in the form of donations from tennis clubs around Pretoria.

“The prize money will be donated to tennis development programs and part of it to netball Hammanskraal for the Development of sports.

Every person is allowed to vote as many times as they can by sending the word, “Maimane” on SMS to 32715.

Mr Leon Freimond, secretary of Gauteng North Tennis Association, said Gauteng North request the clubs to support the initiative by casting as many votes as they can to assist development tennis in Gauteng North by sending the word “maimane” by SMS to 32715.