Moretele Municipality commended for local empowerment

President of RTM, Mr Anthony Gigabyte Cossa


President of the Radical Economic Transformation Movement (RTM), Mr Anthony Gigabyte Cossa said the RTM is pleased with the current progress that is unfolding in Moretele  Local Municipality.

He said his movement appreciates what the leadership of the municipality is doing under the leadership of Mayor Andries Makinta Monaheng in projects such as the water tank tender that was awarded to local entrepreneurs.

“This is the first time in the history the people of Moretele that local entrepreneurs have been afforded an opportunity and responsibility to serve their own people.

“What Happened shows transformation and capable leadership that needs to be commended, especially the officials who made sure that the process was fair.

Mr Cossa said the RTM is happy with the mayor and the support the Mayor received from the ANC to change the economic environment and attract investors to Moretele.

“We believe Moretele is a better place to be today because of the Mayor and his team who we think are trustworthy and have the capacity to bring stability to Moretele.

The RTM President also welcomed the appointment of the heads of departments such as Mr Sentle Moreriane as the director of Infrastructure Development Services, Mrs Dumi Lehari as the director of Community Development Services, Ms Serrah Vilane as chief financial officer and Mr Thabo Makwela as director of Local Economic Development.