#GiveAJesery stil keeping the community warm this winter


Goitseone Raseroka, 24 years old from Kekana Gardens, Hammanskraal, managed to put together a group of young people to form a project called #giveAJersey, which collects and distributes jerseys to the needy in around Hammanskraal.

He said #GiveAJersey is all about giving somebody warmth.

“We post on social media using the #tag for awareness. If we get donations for jerseys we ask the people to wash them and we collect them for distribution to the needy.

“We also ask for volunteers for collection of the donations and for that we are happy because it shows the unity of the people Hammanskraal and meets us halfway as we all use our own money for the project,” he said.

#GiveAJesery will only be turning four months old on 29 August 2020 but it had managed to do a lot of work in hosting events to donate jerseys every Friday.

On the 16th of June 2020 (youth day) they hosted one of the biggest events since they started, called #GiveAMe. They organized some food to cook and served a meal to the community.

“Over 100 stomachs escaped hunger that day and remember that we are doing this out of our own pocket without any sponsorship,” said Mr Raseroka.

Mr Mpho Kekana of Givers Youth Foundation also came with his team to support the youth day event and also on Mandela Day.

“Our future plan is to grow beyond winter clothes to give to the poor and to operate throughout the year even beyond Hammanskraal.

“We also plan to cook every day or once in a while to help our community. Any support and in particult transport for the boxes to package clothes will make our job easier to reach more people.

“So far we managed to deliver to two orphanages and every Friday we make a delivery to an orphanage or home,” said Mr Raseroka.

“On 7 August 2020, we were in Maubane donating to Sunshine Self Help Centre where we donated clothes of all sizes.

“Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we could not spend more time with the beneficiaries of the donations and only did a drop-off.

“We are still finalizing the papers to register the NGO so we can get sponsors in order to help more people,” said Mr Raseroka.

The teams can be contacted on Facebook Im Goitseone Thabiso, Their Page is Give A Jersey Instagram @goitseone_rocks, Twitter Goitseone Rocks.